MA HOUSE 04 by Silvia Zaragoza
Silvia, what is your definition of House-Music?

"House-Music has been and continues to be a very important element that accompanies me in life.
It's something you can't touch but you can feel it.
When I remember a special moment (whether bad or good) it is always identified with a piece of music, with a track, with a chorus, with a voice.
I can define it as if it were the Original Soundtrack of my life."

Silvia Zaragoza.

01 Mark Lewis - Forever (RealFlow Records)
02 Dennis Ferrer feat K.T. Brooks - How do I let go [Charles Websters Remix] (King Street Sounds)
03 DJ Beloved, Mcleod, Jihad Muhammad - What you won't do for love [Jihad Muhammad Remix] (Quantize Recordings)
04 Risk Assessment, Monica Blaire - It’s not right but it’s okay (Foliage Records)
05 Shino Blackk, Corey Holmes - Kept [Corey Holmes Remix] (New Generation Records)
06 DJ Kemit, The Lounge Lizards, Jill Rock Jones, Kai Alce - Wake up & stand up [Kai Alce KZR Vocal Mix] (Makin Moves)
07 DJ Oji - The good ol' dayz [DJ Oji's Groove And Bang Mix] (POJI Records)
08 Halo - Keep reaching (Nervous)
09 Jazmina feat Satoshi Tomiie - Let the rain come down [Foremost Tears Remix] (Hazardisc Sounds Unofficial Release)
10 Peven Everett, Phil Asher - Stuck [Phil Asher's Soul Heaven Version] (Soul Heaven Records)
11 Black Box - Everybody, everybody [Le Freak Mix] (Deconstruction)

The fact that a woman is interested in the classic sounds of house music does not have to go unnoticed. This is the case of Silvia Zaragoza, Dj and producer from Madrid who opts for the funkier side, deep and soulful dance music.
The exquisite blend of sounds forged the artist, which today represents one of the strongest pillars of quality house music in Spain.

Silvia feeds its main artistic endeavors with passion and effort, what is taking great and strong results in a more rapid manner. On the other hand, his tenacity has led her to be one of the few producers of dance music in Spain that have been able to edit on international labels as Quantize Recordings, iRecords, PengAfrica, Soulstar or Conya among others.

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