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Lombard Street Guest Mix

Amsterdam based DJ/Producer LOMBARD STREET drops some wonderful deep vibes.

01 Sunny Galaxy - Gonna Stop
02 Addicted To You (4x4 Mix)
03 Eli Escobar - Seein You (Richard Earnshaw mix)
04 Spiritchaser - Wild Orchid Ft Angie Brown
05 Mella Dee - Ripe Traxx
06 S. Jay, Ostertag - Have You
07 Blane Read & Cause Of You - All You Need
08 Lombard Street - Cover Girl
09 Johan S - We Lift Our Voices (Hard Dub)
10 Lombard Street - Outta Control
11 Kinky Movement - Swerve On
12 Lombard Street - Deep Knee
13 Mike Newman - Don't Stop The Rhythm
14 Stephanie Cooke - Everything (95 North Deep)

Gleb Osipov aka Lombard Street is an Amsterdam based house DJ/producer, playing and making music since the beginning of the 2000's.

He's heavily influenced by uk and us garage sound from the 90's. Lombard Street released music on labels such as Unique2rhythm, Gents & Dandy's, Snazzy Traxx and has some upcoming projects on Hustler Trax and Pogo House.

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