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JC Unique Guest Mix

JAMES UNIQUE from UNIQUE2RHYTHM drops a majestic set of fine-tuned productions from the likes of Cafe 432, Shino Blackk, Tommie Cotton, Hardsoul, D-Train, Scott Diaz, Ross Couch, Gershon Jackson, Doug Lazy, Thommy Davis, DJ Spen and more...

01 Unique2rhythm - Temperature Rising (Kenny Jaeger and Opolopo mix)
02 Cafe 432 feat Miss Swaby - Spirit Free
03 The Foreign Exchange, Shino Blackk - Can't Turn Around (Shino Blackk Edit)
04 Larry A, Jamie Aditya, Michele Chiavarini - Get Down With It (Michele Chiavarini mix)
05 Christian B & Lavvy Levan - Succeed
06 86Deep - Hot Night
07 Unique2Rhythm, Tommie Cotton - Let It All Out
08 True2life feat Phillip Ramirez - Thats How Much I Love You (T2L Dubb mix)
09 Hardsoul, D-Train, Scott Diaz - Absolute (Scott Diaz Funk Excursion)
10 Secret Sinz and Wayne Dudley - Living in the moment (Wayne Dudley mix)
11 Ross Couch - Survivor
12 Lucien Foort - Applebottom Jazz
13 Crackazat - What You're Feeling
14 Shuya Okino, Navasha Daya, Alaia & Gallo - Still In Love (Alaia & Gallo mix)
15 Gershon Jackson, Rona Ray - Raindance (Shon Jackson's House Of Omni mix)
16 Ray Paxon - Get Down
17 Paul Trouble Anderson - TroubleyourLove
18 Doug Lazy, Thommy Davis, DJ Spen - Church Clap (Spen & Thommy mix)
19 Manjit - The Way

In 2016, Unique2rhythm label boss and producer and DJ has been concentrating on label promotion and artist development alongside performing live with an exclusive micro-soundsystem performing at exclusive high-end events and sessions under the name Unique Sessions.

JC has also been building the increasingly respected online radio station 'Fortheloveofhouse.org' featuring among other shows, Deepinside.

From a production perspective, JC has been busy with releases including Unique2rhythm and Tommie Cotton, Let it all out, JC Unique ft. Sheree Hicks, You Give Me Fever and Unique2rhythm, Temperature Rising with a remix forthcoming on the superb single from Bruno Kauffmann and Barbara Douglas titled 'Higher'

The guestmix features the most successful Unique 2 Rhythm label release to date, 86deep and Hot Night along with hot promos from True2life and Phillip Ramirez, Secret Sinz and Wayne Dudley and the up-front opener, Kenny Jaeger and Opolopo's remix of 'Temperature Rising'.

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