This week, DJ BEE from Spain is for the first time on DEEPINSIDE!! Welcome to our DEEPINSIDE family DJ BEE.

01 JT Donaldson - Shelter (New Math Records)
02 Nacho Marco - THE 909 file 3 (Chiwax)
03 Ross Couch - All night long (Body Rhythm Records)
04 TshegoTMM - Stay with me tonight 'out on (Atjazz Record Company)
05 The Sunburst Band - He is [Jimpster Remix] (ZR Records)
06 Delano Smith feat Diamondancer – A message for the DJ [Jimpster Remix] (Still Music)
07 FCL - Let's go (Wax Recordings)
08 Louie Vega feat Nico Vega - How he works [Ed Nine Remix] (Nervous Records)
09 Luis Radio – Get me there (Groovebox Records)
10 Annette Taylor - Faith [Mateo & Matos] (Fluential)
11 Luis Radio & Souldynamic present Margaret Grace - Should've let you go (BBE)

If there is one word that can identify DJ Bee its house, a sound that he has always been loyal to, never being tempted by passing trends. This sound has defined him as a person and as a DJ with the roots of house always present in his sets. He has become known as a radio DJ and producer wants to preserve what he sees pure in all dance music today.

DJ Bee and radio is an inseparable union that has played a vital role in his career showcasing his unique sound on Spanish radio with the program "Bee Live World". Both show have been highlights on the airwaves demonstrating quality and good taste bringing together house from its early forms to what it is today. US garage from the early 90s, deep, soulful and Afro influenced house.

One of his strengths in which a few DJs have in Spain is the capability to be consistent in his support for a personal and classic sound. What you hear on his radio shows is what you will hear in his DJ sets. He is able to demonstrate his creative personality when he plays transmitting his love for what he does and feel the music he plays. Bee has played all around Spain and had a long period as a resident at Love Show that allowed him to earn the love and respect of the crowds wherever he plays.

As a producer Bee has been building on a sound that he loves in the creative process as a producer. Generating the same passion and taste in music to be transmitted in all productions in what he plays. Labels like Urbana, Conya, Kings Of Groove, Adaptation, Soulstar among others have released his music. These productions have allowed Bee to be recognised on the International circuit to earn him respect globally and not only as a DJ in Spain.

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