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01 DJ E-Clyps feat Anya V - Get to know ya (2016 Blacklight Music)
02 Quentin Harris & Leela James vs Yass - My joy [Yass reconstruction] (2012)
03 Blind Colors feat Melonie Daniels Walker - Found love [David Morales mix] (2016 Def Mix Music)
04 Demarkus Lewis feat Martha Wash - Catch the light (2016 Grin Music)
05 Pat Bedeau feat Leon Dorrill - Feel the music (2016 Bedfunk)
06 Josh Butler feat Kerrie Anne - On the edge (2016 Defected)
07 Bugzy Siegel - Forgiveness (2015 C-Electronics LTD)
08 Alex Agore - What did I do [Lowtone mix] (2016 Smile For A While)
09 Sebb Junior - Freedom (2015 Large Music)
10 Greg Gauthier - You've done me wrong [Sebb Junior mix] (2015 Sunclock)
11 Jocelyn Mathieu - With a twirl [Dagui Rodann mix] (2015 Instinctive Records)
12 NY's Finest - Do you feel me [City Soul Project mix] (2015 Toolroom)


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