CLASSIC MIX Episode 23

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For this episode, French Radio "veteran", DJ and Producer JEAN-JEROME throws us back in the days with a stunning blend of House Classics from the likes of Trouble Men, Mood II Swing, 4Hero, Blaze, Mutiny, Playin 4 The City, DJ Rork, Lady Bird, Sunkids, Julien Jabre and more...

Classic Mix EP 23 cover

01 Trouble Men - Sunrise On Ocean Drive (2000 Kif Recordings)
02 Househedz - The Anthem [Alix Alvarez & Mr V remix] (2002 Underground Collective Recordings)
03 Mood II Swing - All Night Long (1996 Groove On)
04 Photek - Mine To Give [David Morales Happy mix] (2000 Science/Virgin Records)
05 4Hero - Star Chasers [Master At Work Caught Up mix] (1998 Talkin Loud)
06 Blaze feat Sybil - When I Fall In Love [Knee Deep Disco Club remix] (2002 Kickin Records)
07 Kut'n'Paste - Dog Island (2000 Serial Records)
08 Mutiny feat Mary Joy - Bliss (1999 Sunflower Records)
09 Playin 4 The City feat Janice Leca - Show Me Love [Body Swingers remix aka Mike L & Olivier Portal] (2001 Straight-Up Records)
10 DJ Rork feat Lady Bird - Stay Around (2002 Distance)
11 Seven Grand Housing Authority - Love's Got Me High (1995 Intangible Records)
12 Sunkids - Rescue Me (1999 MAW Records)
13 Julien Jabre - Sun Is Back (2000 Versatile Records)
14 Monday Michiru - Sunshine After The Rain [Masters At Work mix] (1997 Polydor)

To all those who wonder how our beloved Jean-Jerôme got there, here the path of DJ who became the specialist in sunny morning and most evenings on Radio FG.

1992 was the starting point, "the first slap" (dixit Jean-Jerôme), immersion in a medium with electro trend, the discovery of his Detroit at parties "Cosmos Factory" to Mozinor (Montreuil/France). During this year, attendance of Jean-Jerôme to follow the techno scene is impeccable. He listens Radio FG on 94.4FM (Paris) at the time and spends his weekends in "Rave party".

Decided, rash and is a fan of Hardcore in December 93 Jean-Jerôme becomes DJ, he mixes in "Free party" unofficially until 95. It's also time for him to discover the joys of radio through young associative antenna: "Radio Lucrèce" in Evry (91) with a transmitter 100% Hardcore every Friday night (23h-1h). The resolutions of the year grow in early 1995 Jean-Jerôme Hardcore definitely stop and it was in February of that year he arrives at Radio FG. After a 5 month internship, approved without difficulty, he began working in the afternoon and then quickly pass on another time range (7 am to 9.30 am), accompanied by "Gwenola" he created the show "Radio-Clock".

Always on the rise, Jean-Jerôme took the opportunity to prove himself when the "Matinées FG" (from 9:30 to 12:00) is left without resident. This proved decisive ... he became daily host of "Paradise Session" in the morning and "Matinées House". "Alloungez-Vous" to "FG Classics" to "FG DJ LIVE" in the evening and also the now legendary "CLUB FG" alongside the famous Didier Sinclair for over 10 years.

During these years, Jean-Jerôme alongside many Djs who advise (Thank Dj Gregory!) for the equipment, techniques or labels which, over time, lead to more exchanges than good.

Jean-Jerôme then started mixing in the biggest clubs and bars in the French capital (REX, Hell, Queen, Gibus, What's up bar ...) and puts its name as a quick reference for "House music".

It continues and persists in this environment by finding her true calling: record production. He released his first EP Drum & Bass in 1997 under the pseudonym DJ DECAY and Hard-house remix with Sextoy (RIP) for the hymn of the Gay Pride that year. Arriving in 1998, he released a remix on a French label (Recall) as the Mellow D.

With Gil Chabert (Klubfilter), Jean-Jerôme released his first House EP in 1999, in KIF Records (Pepe Bradock, Trouble Men ...) under the name "Dog's Biscuits" (+ 5,000 copies to date).

Thereafter it is behind the alias "Kut'n'Paste" he officiates and confirms his talent on different labels: SERIAL RECORDS, PARADISE, MILKSHAKE, ILLMATIC and also through various remixes by renowned artists such as: CESAR JUAN DEL RIO & MAGAN, LAURENT WOLF, Bustafunk, JEAN MARIE K, FIZZ, KURAKI May...)

Compilations Radio assure him a beautiful and widely promoted among the public French (FG DANCEFLOOR FG 1.3 SUMMER 2003) and abroad through many licenses on prestigious labels. (Ibiza with KM 5, Thailand for Lucile, Switzerland with the compilation Street Parade, Mexico, Holland for Chemistry...)

He always wants more; in 2001 this is a new collaboration that was born with Cedric.C the "PURPLEHEADZ" will be born...

The first EPs are quick (ILLMATIC records, records with the hit MILKSHAKE RAMBLE) as well as CD compilations (MORNING

BEATS 1 AND 2 LOUNGE ASIAN, DANCEFLOOR FG 3 and POWER HOUSE for France and the LUCILE for Thailand).

This is a new stage begins...

The two stooges do not stop there; they test the joys mix of 5 decks in Thailand (LUCILE, DIABOLO, LUCIFER) then Singapore to finish on the best dancefloor Parisians (QUEEN, NEW CASINO, GIBUS, COUCH WORLD). Their collaboration ends in 2010.

In 2014, after a long break, will be the year of a beautiful meeting and especially a new collaboration with Julien aka Digitarmix. Together they start the ITSIC project, a clever mix of their respective influences.

In just 2 years the duo stands out by releasing 3 remixes for the labels Hydrogen Records, Iconyc and 3XA Music, then a n EP of 2 tracks for the excellent French label Pumpz Music.

In 2016, a new association was born with his longtime friend, Braddy ... THE SOULBROZERZ!

Inspired by the House of New York but also by the Techno sound of Detroit, they mix all these influences in their productions. The result is a fantastic EP on the legendary American label LENNY FONTANA, Karmic Power Records.

With the participation of the singer Mel'Hisse, "Oh Boy" will be released in the middle of this year the follow-up in 2017 of a new reference on the label of another legend of the House, STEVE "SILK" HURLEY, S & S Records with the title "Save Our Soul".

Now alone or in a group, he hopes to continue to be known throughout the world for his many productions and remixes ...

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